Medical Transcription

Besides Audio/Video transcription, you can also avail services in the field of Media transcription, Business transcription, Legal transcription, Educational transcription, other General transcriptions, Medical transcription and Translation Services for all the states of U.S.A.

Our dedicated team of qualified professionals serves students, university researchers, solicitors, authors, publishers, journalists or any individual. Meeting your expectations is our endeavor. We have an option of signing NDA or any confidential agreements, thereby making your project safe and secure.

The medical transcription market in USA has many hues. There are the big hopsitals with decidated inhouse transcription teams and there is the indepenent practitioner, who really cannot afford to have such a setup due to cost factors. The former are sometimes in need of supplemental services, these service requests are sporadic in nature and often will require express service. The latter constantly and frequently require an outsourced provider to help with all of their transcription requirements.

Highlight of the services provided by us:

Pricing lower than 40% US Local rates
HIPAA Compliance
12 Hour Transcript Return Guarantee