Let your recruiting team focus on screening and recruiting the right candidate while our sourcers identify the right consultants for the requirement. Our Sourcing team consists of employees with experience handling job portals and also gathering the right consultants information which would be needed for the recruiters.Save the time wasted by recruiters in identifying consultants from job portals and put them right in action of screening and recruiting.

Vimeg Square is an on-demand resume sourcing company that leverages our global personnel’s to deliver resumes immediately. Our disciplined process for candidate prescreening is an unmatched tactical benefit to companies looking for capable candidates.


With wide-ranging years of expertise in the staffing business we found that most clients put in great effort with sourcing and locating the right talent for their open positions. This was particularly for small to medium businesses with tighter budgets and restricted resources. Each team associate at Vimeg Square focus on discovering the right talent, the first time, and performs this job swiftly and competently. We exploit a diversity of sources and technology to trace the finest talent available for every position. This is done at a highly competitive rate that is appreciably lower than purchasing access to these utilities separately.

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