Healthcare IT Enabled Services

Vimeg Square Technologies Pvt Ltd is a Trivandrum Technopark-based company that provides medical professionals with fast and accurate medical transcription. Vimeg Square Technologies Pvt Ltd is committed to providing exceptional service to clinics and hospitals across the United States and Canada. Vimeg Square Technologies Pvt offers its services to a host of healthcare providers, such as hospitals, medical practitioner, doctors and MTSOs, in USA and Canada, and delivers best quality Medical Transcription Services at quite a cost-effective price.

Vimeg Square Technologies Pvt Ltd is an alliance of experienced Medical Transcriptionists, MT Editors, and QAs who have been in this industry for 3 to 9 years. The most vital aspect of our services is that we make the delivery of our services much within the TAT timelines. Apart from that, our services are very secure and meets all the terms, conditions and requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

At Vimeg Square technologies Pvt Ltd, we take care of routine office tasks of the healthcare industry, leaving the doctor free to focus on patient care. Our work is quick, accurate and top-of-the-line. Vimeg Square Technologies Pvt Ltd takes advantage of the difference in time zones between the two countries. When the doctor has finished his day's work in USA and sends it off to Vimeg Square Technologies Pvt Ltd, we begin our day's work! Our well trained and experienced transcriptionists, whose work is supervised, corrected and edited by experts from the field of medicine, then send back the transcribed files to the doctor's desk by the next morning.

Medical Billing

Vimeg Square Technologies Pvt Ltd has a highly skilled team to handle your medical coding requirements and provide multi-specialty services. Medical coders at Vimeg Square specialize in coding after a thorough training program and are certified coders. If you are looking for a medical coding and billing company that provides quality work while maintaining a continuous stream of revenue, then Vimeg Square Technologies is the best choice for you! At Vimeg Square Technologies Pvt Ltd, we take care of the entire medical coding and billing process so that you can concentrate on your patients.

Medical Coding

When healthcare physicians hand over to us their medical billing services, our medical coding service division makes sure that medical insurance claims receive the best possible returns for them. At Vimeg Square, you are guaranteed to receive the best possible reimbursement from medical insurance companies by providing accurate medical coding by our certified coders.

Medical Transcription

Besides Audio/Video transcription, you can also avail services in the field of Media transcription, Business transcription, Legal transcription, Educational transcription, other General transcriptions, Medical transcription and Translation Services for all the states of U.S.A.