Human Resources

We are committed to raising the bar and extending the limits in disciplines that influence and drive our clients successes. Deployment of highly skilled personnel, onsite at client location, after a detailed needs-analysis of client requirements. Candidates with excellent communication skills and proven software development skills are chosen to carry out client specifications.


The customer no longer has to put forth the time or expenses of advertising, interviewing and hiring a full-time employee. Vimeg Square usually finds the candidates with the required technical skills quicker than a corporation could using traditional methods. Additionally, Vimeg Square handles all of the necessary human resource functions such as paperwork, benefits, vacations, 401k programs, training, payroll, etc.


Our Recruiters have many years of experience and are committed to helping you find the best technical talent in a wide array of industries. They are skilled in use of various job boards as well as internet search techniques. We have pool of technology resumes in our internal database.Our Recruiters are also equipped with access to premium job boards, which translates into further savings for you. Contact us if you need further details and the pricing.


Let your recruiting team focus on screening and recruiting the right candidate while our sourcers identify the right consultants for the requirement. Our Sourcing team consists of employees with experience handling job portals and also gathering the right consultants information which would be needed for the recruiters.Save the time wasted by recruiters in identifying consultants from job portals and put them right in action of screening and recruiting. Contact us if you need further details and the pricing.

E2E Recruitment

Providing an end to end recruitment solution facilitates our clients to make a more clued-up choice when hiring staff. Vimeg Square's unique approach provides a series of dedicated services to achieve this precise from the start of the commitment through to achievement of the placement and beyond. Vimeg Square offers a complete Human Resources service headhunting top professionals and matching them to our clients very demanding stipulations. Contact us if you need further details and the pricing.